We caught up with ol’ Dallas a bit ago, while she was passing through the Underbelly while searching for an antidote for her sick relative. Being a woman of action she needed utility, and durability, and a pair of overalls that had been kissed by the sky. Done, done and done! With our OG essential, The Plaidypus Tail adorned around her waist, and a classic denim jacket from our 2NLUVR mini-series. The full Underbellysociety regalia and stylings. Barbara geared up for a hunt, and triumphed. Slaying a rusty industrial long passed it’s prime, using her trusty crossbow and collection of rare poisons. She enjoys a short hunt, and a long drag off her cigarette to celebrate. She packed up soon thereafter, took her camper and skedaddled. To continue her search for an antidote.

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